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Welcome to ITS Midwest!

Matthew Letourneau, ITS Midwest President

Matthew Letourneau, ITS Midwest President

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I write this President’s Message. I inherit this role in an organization that is actively realizing its mission of “promoting the development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems in our region and beyond”. Our members have been in the ITS business for up to 40 years and are involved in all facets of planning, development, deployment and research. Our membership is engaged and growing, our programs are garnering high participation, and the future of intelligent transportation systems in our member states is bright! Thanks to Ken Glassman for his leadership these past two years and for putting ITS Midwest in position for continued success!

The opportunity has never been greater for transportation technologies to meet our significant national challenges. Transportation accounts for 70% of oil use. By making transportation work better and smarter, ITS helps America save energy, save the environment, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

ITS Midwest is uniquely positioned and fully committed to promote the use of ITS and shape policies that will realize the full benefits of our technologies and services. With enormous investments being made to improve our infrastructure and adopt strategies to improve our energy efficiency, as well as keep the traveling public safe and secure, there will be many added opportunities ahead for our member organizations.

Now is the time to get involved and help us tackle the challenges ahead. Our success depends on the willingness of our members to get personally involved in the organization. Members are encouraged to serve on one or more of our Chapter committees and participate in our events.

Please be sure and check our website for current information about news and events to stay informed.

Our new Secretary/President- Elect Scott Lee is developing a recurring webinar series that will showcase ITS projects around the region, the latest ITS products, and other topics (please email Scott at [email protected] if you would like to suggest a topic or volunteer to present). As those of you on Twitter may have already noticed, we have amped up our presence on social media. Be sure to follow @ITS_Midwest (https:// twitter.com/ITS_Midwest)to keep up with the latest ITS news from the region. We have also started to plan our 2019 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Illinois. Stay tuned for more information about joining the conference committee as we start to evaluate venues, identify a theme, and other initial tasks

Matthew Letourneau
ITS Midwest President