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Matthew Letourneau, ITS Midwest Immediate Past President
Matthew Letourneau, AECOM

ITS Midwest Immediate Past President

As an organization, ITS Midwest looks forward to building on our record setting 2019 Annual Meeting in Illinois. As an organization dedicated to learning, expanding, and promoting Intelligent Transportation System for our four states, the year ahead will be an active one.

Our organization is excited to work with everyone on the following endeavors:

  • As a board, we have launched our 2020 efforts through board participation in CES 2020, where 5G rollout, autonomous vehicles and smart cities dominated the event.
  • Continuation of the webinar series including the MOD Alliance, and major players in our space, including Google and others
  • On-going attention to the communications markets including 5G, DSRC, C-V2X and our existing systems as the integration with connectivity
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a major focus area and a broad one as we engage with the MOD Alliance
  • Examining the private and public sector market places, as well as the policy side of our safety and mobility needs as a chapter
  • Continuing our collective knowledge base with regard to standards, grant programs, and new technology deployments.

Our organization is as strong as our membership and 2019’s success forged the board’s commitment.

Reach out to any board member and help us engage our entire membership for 2020. Events ideas, presentation topics, training and learning opportunities, as well as areas in which you wish to participate are all welcome. And above all, be safe and be well.

Matthew Letourneau
ITS Midwest Immediate Past President


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