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Gordon Paesani ITS Midwest Scholarship

Starting in 2019, ITS Midwest has established the Gordon Paesani ITS Midwest Scholarship to honor the memory of Gordon Paesani.

Gordon Paesani

Gordon Paesani, ITS Pioneer and Mentor

Starting in 2019, ITS Midwest has established the Gordon Paesani ITS Midwest Scholarship to honor the memory of Gordon Paesani.

Gordon Paesani was not only a great mentor to many young engineers during his contribution to our industry, but he was also a committed innovator in ITS, including a variety of concepts he implemented long before the term ‘ITS’ was coined. He was a pioneer in freeway operations with focus on Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) and their components including incident response plans and adaptive ramp metering algorithms.

Download the scholarship announcement, including the application form and learn about Gordon’s extensive career and accomplishments:

Scholarship Announcement»


About the Scholarship

ITS Midwest is pleased to award this $1,000 scholarship to the applicant who most embodies excitement for the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems to improve safety and efficiency. The scholarship criteria looks for excellence in the classroom, passion for innovation, and enthusiasm for the transportation industry.

The scholarship is open to collegiate sophomores, juniors, and seniors planning to enter the transportation field with a primary focus of interest in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Applicants shall be presently attending colleges and universities in the four-state coverage area of ITS Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio).

Submission Deadline:

July 15th, 2019


One award annually


  • Award is open to students who have completed his or her sophomore year.
  • The student shall be attending a college or university in one of the four member states.
  • The student major shall align with the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry, including a variety of engineering and technology fields of study.

Basis of selection

  • Industry interest and alignment with ITS Midwest goals
  • Industry related work such as university research, DOT projects, and private sector work.
  • Professor and/or Professional References (limit 3)
  • Quality of Short essay (3 pgs. maximum)
  • Collegiate Performance

Essay Requirements

The essay should describe and convey the following:

  1. Student goals and objectives as they pertain to use and application of transportation technologies
  2. Description of experience and/or activities that demonstrate relevance to ITS
  3. Convey the student's interest in the transportation technology industry

Selection committee

The ITS Midwest Awards Committee will review all submitted applications and select a winner. The scholarship recipient will be notified and invited to participate in ITS Midwest Annual Meeting in September.

Scholarship award

The scholarship award shall be a one-time check in the amount of US$1,000.

Instructions and guidelines for scholarship submissions

  • Download Scholarship Application Form and complete it.
  • Get up to three professor and/or workforce references (one page letter or email per reference).
  • Prepare a short Essay - Up to 3 pages.
  • Submit your application (= completed form + Professor/Professional References + Short essay) to:
    Dan Shamo, Senior ITS Engineer, AECOM


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