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Past Events



2008 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting

October 30-31, 2008, Ohio DOT Auditorium, Columbus, OH
The 2008 Annual Meeting of the new, four-state ITS Midwest chapter has been held on October 30-31 in conjunction with the Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference in Columbus, OH.
We enjoyed this partnership with OTEC. And an ITS Midwest program that provided technical sessions, vendor exhibits, tours, and the opportunity to network with colleagues and fellow professionals from Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and elsewhere.
The theme of the Meeting was "ITS Across the Transportation Spectrum."

For more information
2008 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting "ITS Across the Transportation Spectrum" for details, including:
Final program, Wrap-up of Event, Speakers Bios, List of Sponsors & Exhibitors, Photo Gallery and more.

National Workshop to Advance Regional Transportation Operations

December 10-12, 2008, Washington, DC
Sponsored by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations (RTSM&O), the TRB National Workshop to Advance Regional Transportation Operations took place December 10-12, 2008 in Washington, DC.

For more information:

15th World Congress on ITS
"ITS Connections: Saving Time, Saving Lives"

Nov. 16-20, 2008, New York
Hosted by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America), ERTICO, and ITS Japan, the 15th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) has been held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from November 16-20, 2008. The 15th World Congress on ITS has been combined with ITS America's 2008 Annual Meeting and Exposition, making it the largest ITS event in 2008 and being expected to attract 10,000 transportation, technology and business professionals. Delegates to the 15th World Congress on ITS had access to more than 200 extraordinary education sessions, exciting technical tours, a 250,000 square foot exhibit hall, live vehicle communications demonstrations operating on the streets and highways of New York, and limitless opportunities to connect with an international audience in a world-class city. For information, visit http://www.itsworldcongress.org. .

15th World Congress on ITS

Meet ITS Midwest at the 2008 World Congress


Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference

October 28-29, 2008 Columbus, OH
Transportation officials, government, and members of the academic community met at the 2008 Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference - one of the nation's largest transportation conferences. The conference featured exciting speakers, technical sessions, and an exhibit area.
The conference was sponsored by The Ohio Department of Transportation and The Ohio State University.

For more information:

57th Annual Illinois Traffic Engineering and Safety Conference

October 23-24, 2008 University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign at Urbana, IL
Product development and testing, product evaluation, computer hardware and software developments and applications, government policies and regulations, transportation research results, and more. The Illinois Traffic Engineering & Safety Conference is the premier meeting in the Midwest region for professionals to network with colleagues, discuss ideas and issues with experts, gain job-related information and renew their sense of professional purpose.

For more information:

North American Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference

August 6-8, 2008, Washington D.C.
TRB sponsored the North American Travel Monitoring Conference and Exposition (NATMEC) on August 6-8, 2008, in Washington, D.C. The conference explored the collection, management, and use of monitored traffic data in all applications. The conference, which included industry representatives and vendors of equipment and software, examined technologies for data collection; management, quality assurance, and reporting of data; integrating traditional and operational traffic data programs; data availability and use in decision making and in policy making; and more.
For more information:

National Rural ITS Conference

September 3-5, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska
For more information:

Annual Meeting of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Midwest Chapter

July 6-8, 2008, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago
The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Midwest Chapter was held on July 6-8, 2008, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago.
The conference theme, "Make No Little Plans: Transportation in the Heartland," was inspired by renowned architect Daniel Burnham. His Plan of Chicago, commissioned by the Commercial Club of Chicago and released in 1909, is considered the nation's first comprehensive urban planning document.
This 100th-year period is an exciting time for engineers and planners in the history of this city. Chicago's current bid for the 2016 Olympics gives us an opportunity to examine key transportation engineering construction, design, and planning issues related to mega-projects and special events planning.
For more information:

2008 Freeway and Tollway Operations Conference

June 15-19, 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
The five-day conference was held in Fort Lauderdale area, Florida, USA, June 15-19, 2008. One of the many exciting features of the conference was the exhibit hall, open to all conference attendees.
Detailed information is available online at www.2008FTOC.com.  The conference topics were:
* Expressway/Motorway Management
* Tollway and Tolling Operations/Managed Lanes
* Operations and Control Center Technologies
* Safety in Incident Management
For more information:

Transport Chicago 2008

June 6, 2008, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL
For over 20 years, more than 200 academics, transportation and planning professionals, and other interested parties have gathered each June in Chicago to learn of recent research and innovations in transportation and to debate current issues in planning and policy. The Transport Chicago 2008 conference presented an excellent opportunity to share and hear nationally recognized transportation experts, discover current industry practices and meet with colleagues in the field. Keynote Speaker was Jonathon Levine, Professor and Chair of Urban + Regional Planning at University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.
For more information:

ITS-MI Annual Meeting 2008
"Integration of Technology and Services - A World of Innovation"

May 13-14, 2008, Novi, MI
Over the past 11 years, Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan (ITS Michigan) have partnered to host an annual meeting to present and discuss ITS issues, plans and concepts. This annual event also provides an opportunity for attendees to meet and talk to the vendors of video and data communications and compression technologies. The 2008 event was another great networking opportunity, informational program about ITS in Michigan and throughout the United States and forum to showcase ITS technologies in the exhibit hall. The 2008 Annual ITS Michigan meeting and Exhibition was held on May 13 and 14 in Novi, Michigan.

For more information:

Richard J. Daley Urban Forum-2008
"Five Billion Urban Dwellers: The Creative Opportunity in the Growth of Cities"

April 29, 2008, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
In 2008, for the first time in human history, half of the people on earth will live in cities, and by 2030 the world will have almost five billion urban-dwellers. In the world's cities will be found the creativity and resourcefulness to address many of the worst afflictions facing humanity - poverty, social upheaval, environmental degradation.

The fourth annual Richard J. Daley Urban forum brought together mayors from around the world, business leaders, key policy-makers, leading scholars and commentators to assess the different ways in which cities are experiencing this new stage of urbanization, and will examine how new forms of public and private interaction shape the quality of life of city dwellers. Issues included the emergence of multi-cultural communities, global citizenship, and the unlocking of human capital. Speakers approached urbanization not as a crisis but as an opportunity, and will assess possible solutions that arise from government action, social entrepreneurship and public-private partnerships. They examined cities as wellsprings of innovation, and discussed how cooperation among cities can lead to solutions.

For more information:

ITE's 2008 Technical Conference and Exhibit

March 30-April 2, 2008 in Miami, FL, USA
The Institute of Transportation Engineers' (ITE) 2008 Technical Conference and Exhibit, "Making a Difference in Transportation Safety," highlighted leading practices around the world, making sustainable differences in transportation safety possible. Conference attendees heard from and participated in discussions with preeminent transportation professionals, community leaders, colleagues and other critical stakeholders. Technical content focused on identifying planning, design, operations and human factors issues and countermeasures to improve transportation safety. Exhibits of transportation products and services provided a one-stop shop for attendees to view and discuss the latest product and software advancements in the industry. .

For more information:

Transportation & Highway Engineering (THE) Conference

February 26-27, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Each year, hundreds of transportation engineers, officials, technicians, faculty and students gather to discuss issues critical to the safe and economical movement of people and goods across Illinois, the U.S.A., and beyond at the Transportation and Highway Engineering (T.H.E.) Conference. The 2008 conference was held at the historic Illini Union Building at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.
For more information, visit:

Chicago Exhibit to Feature Famous Maps

November 2, 2007-January 27, 2008 at the Field Museum, Chicago
This rare exhibition of more than 100 of the world's greatest maps features exquisite works of art and engaging, high-tech interactive displays. "Maps: Finding Our Place in the World" is a once-in-a-lifetime journey through landscapes of time and space, science and imagination.
For more information:
"Chicago exhibit to feature famous maps" - ABC News website, and
Maps: Finding Our Place in the World - The exhibit website

TRB 87th Annual Meeting

January 13-17, 2008, Washington, DC
The TRB 87th Annual Meeting was held Sunday, Jan. 13  - Thu., Jan. 17, 2008 in Washington, DC. The TRB Annual Meeting program covers all transportation modes, with more than 3,000 presentations in nearly 600 sessions addressing topics of interest to all attendees-policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. The spotlight theme for 2008 was "Partnerships for Progress in Transportation".
For more information:
TRB 87th Annual Meeting - TRB website, and
the ITS Midwest News Release "2008 TRB 87th Annual Meeting and 2008 Transportation Research Record: Paper Submissions now Being Accepted"

Past Training Courses, Web casts

 Free Webinar on Vehicle Technology Demonstrations at the 15th World Congress on ITS:
"World Congress Technology Demonstrations"

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) held free Webinar, "World Congress Technology Demonstrations"  on June 25, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. The webinar provided participants with an overview of the largest fully-integrated demonstration of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies and services.
Speaker: "World Congress Technology Demonstrations" was hosted by Patrick McGowan of Telvent Farradyne who discussed the demonstrations that was conducted at three venues at the conference: VII Test Beds, 11th Avenue Theater, and Transportation Management Center of the Future.
For more information on the webinar read the related ITS Midwest News Release listed below.


NTOC Webinar Series - Integrated Corridor Management Initiative: Showcasing the ICM Pioneer Sites

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) organized a series of webinars showcasing the eight ICM Pioneer Sites and their results to date with the Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) initiative. These webinars covered:

  1. What is ICM?
  2. The goal of ICM, the primary performance measures, and the expected benefits.
  3. The path to implement ICM and achieve the goals; and where each ICM Pioneer Site is on this path. This will include an overview of the ICM concept of operations for each Pioneer Site; system requirements specifications; and an overview of each Pioneer Site's plan for identifying relevant corridor-level performance measures, determining situational awareness though archived data, and using an independent modeling and simulation test bed to assess changes in policies and strategies.
  4. Lessons learned from the Pioneer Sites.

Each 3 hour webinar featured presentations from two or more Pioneer Sites. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenters.

To learn more about the USDOT's ICM initiative and the ICM Pioneer Sites, please visit http://www.its.dot.gov/icms.


      Jul. 17, 2008
1:00 - 4:00 pm ET
ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Minneapolis, Houston, and San Diego

Description:  This webinar will cover experiences from Minneapolis, Houston, and San Diego.

Interested? For more information:
 ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Minneapolis, Houston, and San Diego

      Jul. 22, 2008
1:00 - 4:00 pm ET
ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Oakland, CA and Montgomery County, MD

Description: This webinar will cover experiences from Oakland, CA and Montgomery County, MD.

Interested? For more information:
 ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Oakland, CA and Montgomery County, MD

      Jul. 24, 2008
2:00 - 5:00 pm ET
ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Seattle, San Antonio, Dallas

Description: This webinar will focus on Seattle, WA; San Antonio, TX; and Dallas, TX.

Interested? For more information:
 ICM: Showcasing the Pioneer Sites - Seattle, San Antonio, Dallas

T3 Webinars

        Oct. 21, 2008 1:00-2:30 PM ET  
Findings and Lessons Learned from an Evaluation of Advanced Parking Management Systems for Transit

The United States Department of Transportation's ITS Joint Program Office and the Federal Transit Administration recently completed an independent evaluation of advanced parking information systems deployed in Chicago, Illinois and Montgomery County, Maryland. The final report, "Evaluation of Transit Applications of Advanced Parking Management Systems", documents quantifiable system impacts in terms of parking utilization, transit ridership, traffic circulation, and customer satisfaction. The evaluation report also includes institutional issues and lessons learned by the project stakeholders throughout deployment and operation of these systems.
This T3 webinar presents background on these two advanced parking management projects as well as the findings of the national evaluation. The findings include the impact of the system on ridership and parking utilization, on mode choice, and on circulation within and between lots, as well as the overall impact of the system on customer satisfaction.
Cost: All T3s are free of charge

For more information: Findings and Lessons Learned from an Evaluation of Advanced Parking Management Systems for Transit
Transcript:  T3 Session 10/21/2008 Files

        Oct. 23, 2008 1:00-2:30 PM ET  
Arizona E-VII Program: Strategies for Improving Emergency Response to Traffic Incidents while Enhancing Safety for Emergency Responders

The Arizona DOT, Maricopa County DOT and partners from the academic and private sectors are developing a unique VII (Vehicle Infrastructure Integration) initiative focused on emergency response and management. Underway for almost a year, the E-VII (Emergency Vehicle Infrastructure Integration) program is developing and testing advanced technologies to integrate roadway systems with emergency responder vehicles to improve emergency response to traffic incidents as well as enhance responder safety. This emergency and incident management focus is unique among the other VII activities happening at the state and national levels, and one which Arizona hopes will complement and leverage the emerging VII knowledge base.
This webinar provides an overview of Arizona's E-VII program, including featuring some of the applications currently being developed and tested. It also provides an overview of a recent ITS Peer-to-Peer exchange that brought VII developers from Michigan, California, and the U.S. DOT to meet with the Arizona E-VII partners. Part of the E-VII peer-to-peer exchange included a focused working session with local emergency responders and dispatch/communications center representatives to gain insights from the responder community about potential technology applications, challenges and opportunities. The E-VII presenters discuss how this input from the emergency responder community is being integrated with the E-VII program development.
Target Audience: State and local departments of transportation, incident and emergency responders, law enforcement and public safety communications personnel.
Cost: All T3s are free of charge

For more information: Arizona E-VII Program: Strategies for Improving Emergency Response to Traffic Incidents while Enhancing Safety for Emergency Responders
Transcript:   T3 Session 10/23/2008 Files

      Sept. 11, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Traffic Incident Management Plans in Southeast Michigan and Southeastern Wisconsin: Institutional and Technical Challenges to Managing Congestion and Improving Responder Safety

Congestion is one of the greatest threats to our nation's economy. Nationwide, drivers waste nearly 4 billion hours of time and over 2 billion gallons of fuel each year, by sitting idle or inching forward in traffic jams. This results in significant increases in emission levels as well. In this T3 webinar, Wisconsin's State Traffic Engineer John Corbin provided an overview of the National Unified Goal (NUG) for Traffic Incident Management, Tom Bruff from the Detroit area Metropolitan Planning Organization provided details on Traffic Incident Management Plans in place for the Detroit/Southeast Michigan area, and Steve Cyra of HNTB (under contract to the Wisconsin DOT) presented on how Traffic Incident Management in Southern Wisconsin is being deployed.
Cost: All T3s are free of charge

For more information:
Traffic Incident Management Plans in Southeast Michigan and Southeastern Wisconsin on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript:  T3 Session 09/11/2008 Files

      May 14, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
How to Implement the TimeTable Publisher: An Open Source Application for Transit Agencies

The TimeTable Publisher is a single system that allows a transit agency to examine, modify, and transform raw scheduling data into easy-to-read timetables for customer information purposes. The application simplifies and accelerates the production of printed on-street schedules and web schedules, which is often a very time-consuming and manual process for most agencies. This results in more accurate, current, and consistent schedule information for the customer.

The TimeTable Publisher is designed to use data directly in the Google Transit Feed Spec (GTFS) format, so it can be very easy for an agency to implement. In addition, it can connect to, and read from, other sources of data including a database, a comma separated text file, and XML. An easy-to-use interface, as well as a tool that compares the changes between two service dates, makes it easy to format and edit the data.

As an open sources application, the TimeTable Publisher is available for free so that other transit agencies can use it and even contribute enhancements to it.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone involved with the production of transit timetables for publication in both printed and web/digital formats. Both technical and non-technical professionals are encouraged to attend.
  • Those that have a background in Customer Information will benefit from learning how to actually use the application to modify and manipulate timetables for publication. Those that have a background in IT or Web Development will gain from the technical aspects of the software implementation and operation. The latter focus, on the technical, will be limited in scope and designed for a broader audience, but may be expanded upon in the discussion.

For more information:
T3 Session 05/14/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 05/14/2008 Files

      Apr. 16, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Assessing the Potential for BRT in Your Region: Lessons Learned from a Los Angeles/New York ITS Peer-to-Peer Exchange

This webinar will focus on describing the leading service and technical attributes of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). This webinar stems from an ITS Peer-to-Peer Exchange in which representatives from agencies in metropolitan New York City and Los Angeles met to share information and knowledge about BRT. In this webinar, presenters from Los Angeles will described the service and technical attributes found in the Los Angeles BRT system. Presenters from the New York City region describe how they are applying the lessons they learned to evaluate the potential for BRT in their current transit corridors.

Note: BRT technologies, such as bus signal priority, loop detectors, traveler information systems, and more will be discussed. This webinar will not, however, present an in-depth technical discussion of any one of these technologies.

Target Audience:

  • Officials from transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and state and local governments who are interested in acquiring knowledge about BRT.
  • Agency engineers and technicians interested in learning about common technologies deployed in BRT.

For more information:
T3 Session 04/16/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 04/16/2008 Files

      Apr. 8, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
A Technical Discussion on Wireless Data Transport Systems: Wireless Trends, Tools and Tips Session II - Wireless Link Engineering

The purpose of this Wireless T3 Webinar is to provide technical information concerning wireless data transport systems. This information augments materials that were presented at a T3 Webinar on August 14, 2007. That first wireless webinar discussed wireless systems architecture and the data communication standards that are used in the wireless domain. The information that was presented in that first webinar should be reviewed prior to attending this T3 Webinar..

Target Audience:
This Wireless Data Transport T3 is for traffic and ITS professionals that desire to develop or refresh their knowledge of wireless systems. Some technical understanding is assumed. The target audience for the webinar includes transportation engineers, transportation planners, traffic operations engineers and managers, transit operations managers, and emergency management agency managers. The information presented will create a foundation for additional discussion.

For more information:
T3 Session 04/08/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 04/08/2008 Files

      Mar. 4, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Approaches for Building Effective Regional Relationships in the Deployment of ITS

Presenters describe successful implementations of regional ITS systems that draw their effectiveness and service capabilities from cooperative frameworks established between their agencies and other transportation providers in the region. The presenters discuss best practices for encouraging and establishing regional cooperative agreements among agencies and jurisdictions related to the deployment, implementation, and operation of ITS services. The presentations contrast different strategies for building regional cooperation on ITS.

Target Audience: State, MPO, and RPO transportation engineers, transportation planners, traffic operations engineers and managers, transit operations managers, and emergency management agency managers; and FHWA Division Office and FTA Regional Office ITS and Planning personnel.

For more information:
T3 Session 03/04/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 03/04/2008 Files

      Feb. 21, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Approaches for Integrating Configuration Management into Your ITS Project Development Processes

The purpose of this webinar was to discuss Configuration Management (CM), a critical SE activity that supports efficient ITS project design and development, effective project implementation, and methodical system operations and maintenance. CM can be viewed as the "as-builts" of the ITS world. To illustrate this, separate case studies will be presented by the Oregon and Washington State Departments of Transportation. These agencies describe, on a practical level, how CM is used in their day-to-day business practices. The webinar explores the institutional changes, challenges, products, and processes used in carrying out CM activities. This webinar is the third in a series of T3s focusing on Systems Engineering (SE) at the practitioner level. These webinars focusses on specific SE activities critical to the successful development and delivery of ITS projects in an agreed upon schedule, scope, and budget

For more information:
T3 Session 02/21/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 02/21/2008 Files

Completed SE Webinars of the Systems Engineering Series include:

  • ITS Systems Engineering (SE) for ITS: Using FHWA's New SE Handbook (Repeat webinar). March 13, 2007. See 2007 Events.
  • Approaches for Integrating Systems Engineering into Your Agency's Business Practices. August 2, 2007. See 2007 Events.
      Jan. 22, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Lessons Learned Implementing Multi-Jurisdictional Transit Signal Priority Systems: King County Metro Transit and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

This T3 Webinar focuses on the implementation of signal priority by King County Metro Transit and Los Angeles County Metro. John Toone from King County Metro Transit discuss the initial deployment of signal priority in the Seattle area, with an emphasis on the technical, political, and financial challenges faced by the agency in the late 90's. Steven Gota and Reinland Jones from Los Angeles County Metro discuss the challenges of implementing signal priority along corridors traversing through multiple jurisdictions, focusing on lesson's learned from the initial outreach with King County and the deployment of Metro's Bus Signal Priority Pilot Project and ensuing Countywide Signal Priority Expansion Program. The session concludes with John Toone's assessment of the most recent peer-to-peer exchange with LA Metro and subsequent system changes that are planned for King County Metro Transit's next generation system.

For more information:
T3 Session 01/22/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 01/22/2008 Files

      Jan. 9, 2008
1:00-2:30 pm ET
Approaches to Deploying 511 Systems: Implementers in California, Kansas, and Montana Describe their 511 Systems

Telephone services that provide real-time information about work zones, traffic incidents, and other causes of congestion allow travelers to make informed decisions about their travel routes or modes, and increase safety by helping motorists avoid areas with congestion or incidents. In 2000, in response to a petition from the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT), the Federal Communications Commission assigned 511 to transportation agencies as the easy-to-remember 3-digit telephone number for multi-modal travel information. Since that time more than 35 implementations have been installed throughout the US, giving over 100 millions people access to real-time information through 511. This webinar will give the audience a brief update on the status of the US DOT 511 Program and then describe three different 511 implementations in California, Kansas and Montana.

Target Audience: Anyone interested in learning about 511 systems.

For more information:
T3 Session 01/09/2008 on the U.S. DOT ITS Professional Capacity Building Program website.
Transcript: T3 Session 01/09/2008 Files

About the T3 Webinars:
T3 Webinars are sponsored by the U.S. DOT's ITS Professional Capacity Building (ITS PCB) Program. Visit the ITS PCB website for more information about T3 and other ITS PCB sponsored learning opportunities.
Recordings & Transcripts
For information on recordings and transcripts of past "T3 Webinars":
» T3 Archive - ITS PCB website

Free "Talking Operations" Web Casts

Date Seminar Title
Nov. 20, 2008 Traffic Incident Management The NTIMC National Unified Goal
Sep. 30, 2008 Road Weather Management
Jul. 10, 2008 Managing Travel Demand to Mitigate Congestion: Part III - Integration of Demand Mgmt Strategies
Jul. 9, 2008 Work Zone Traffic Analysis Strategies
Jun. 26, 2008 Managing Travel Demand to Mitigate Congestion: Part II - Operational and Infrastructure Strategies
Jun. 19, 2008 Managing Travel Demand to Mitigate Congestion: Part I - Pricing and Institutional Strategies to Manage Demand
May 15, 2008 MUTCD Notice of Proposed Amendements
Apr. 30, 2008 Active Traffic Management Coming to the Urban Partners' Cities: Minneapolis and Seattle
Mar. 27, 2008 ACS Lite

Recordings & Transcripts
For information on recordings and transcripts of past "Talking Operations" seminars:
Records and Transcripts - NTOC website

Free "Talking Freight" Web Casts

Date Seminar Title
Dec. 10, 2008 Establishment Surveys in Freight Transportation
Nov. 19, 2008 Freight and Land Use
Oct. 15, 2008 Rising Fuel Prices/The Effects of Energy Prices on Global Trade Patterns
Sep. 17, 2008 Commercial Motor Vehicle Size and Weight
Jul. 16, 2008 Integrating Freight in Project Selection
Jun. 18, 2008 Freight Planning: Impacts on Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
May 21, 2008 Supply Chains
Apr. 16, 2008 Commission Work and the National Freight Policy Framework
Mar. 19, 2008 Tolling and Pricing
Feb. 20, 2008 Quick Response Freight Manual
Jan. 23, 2008 Understanding and How to Use the Freight Analysis Framework

Recordings & Transcripts
Recordings of past "Talking Freight" seminars, as well as transcripts and links to download the PowerPoint presentations, are available at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/freightplanning/talking.htm

CITE and FHWA Blended Courses

The Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) offered the following blended courses:

Date Seminar Title
May 2, 2008 - Jun. 23, 2008 Improving Highway Safety with ITS - interactive web-based course
This course aimed to increase awareness of the benefits to be gained through the deployment of ITS for highway safety applications.
See the ITS Midwest News Release:
 "CITE and FHWA Introduce New Blended Course: Improving Highway Safety with ITS".
Mar. 14, 2008 - Apr. 27, 2008 Principles and Tools of Road Weather Management
See the ITS Midwest News Release:
 "CITE and FHWA Introduce New Blended Course: Principles and Tools of Road Weather Management".

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