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2011 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting

ITS Midwest 2011 Annual Meeting

The 2011 Annual Meeting was held in Covington, KY on September 28-29, 2011.
Visit the 2011 Annual Meeting web site for more information.

ITS Midwest and USDOT team up to offer FREE ITS Workshop - (Sep. 16, 2011)
Meeting Program Available (Sep. 16, 2011) -  (Sep. 16, 2011)

Mon, 05 Dec 2011 T3 Webinar: Systems Engineering for Adaptive Signal Control Technology (Dec 15, 2011)
- Target Audience: Management and operation of traffic signal systems.

An Overview of the Upcoming Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Model†Deployment - Source: Terranautix Blog
The Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot Model Deployment Project, initiated as a part of the Connected Vehicle Safety Research Program, represents a new multimodal, joint partnership between the NHTSA, FHWA , FMCSA and the FTA...
[ Read full article by Jon Sorensen ] at Terranautix Blog

Thanksgiving travel to hit record level - Source: USA Today
Record travel foreseen for Holiday season 2011: investing in Intelligent Transportation Systems would definitely help and save holiday travel pains. Imagine a world where you actually can enjoy your holidays since the moment you get in the car to get to your vacation destination and back...
[ Read full headline ] at USA Today

ITS JPO to Host Free Public Webinar on the Certificate Management Entity - Source: ITS JPO 
The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), Research and Innovative Technology Administration will be hosting a free public webinar on December 9, 2011 to discuss plans for a certificate management entity (CME) to support a trusted and secure connected vehicle environment. During the webinar U.S. DOT will be seeking input on a set of high-level, alternative organizational structures for the CME...
[ Read full headline ] at ITS JPO web site

Submit now papers for ITS America's Annual Meeting (May 2012, DC)  - Source: ITS America
The ITS America Annual Meeting Program Committee is proud to announce a change in the process of submitting a topic for presentation at the ITS America Annual Meeting. New this year, we will augment our traditional 'Call for Papers' approach with presentation-only submissions. This option was created to give leaders from across the industry an opportunity to share updates on major deployments or advancements in cases that may not require the support of a technical paper and exhaustive research...
[ Read full headline ] at ITS America web site

Can IT Make Cities Better?  - Source: Forbes
Check out this article by Amy Westerwelt...
[ Read Article ] at forbes.com

The Transportation Technology Daily is out! (Nov. 3, 2011)
Check out this ITS News aggregator by Jon Sorensen...
[ Go to Transportation Technology Daily ]

All you need to know about "Connected Vehicle Research in the United States" | Source: RITA
While Americaís transportation system continues to be one of the nationís greatest achievements and is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, critical improvements are needed to make surface transportation safer, smarter, and greener and ultimately enhance livability for Americans. Part of this transformation to our transportation system can be achieved through connectivity...
[ read full headline ] - RITA

ITS World Congress showcases game-changing, job-creating technologies | Source: FastLane Blog
Imagine that you're driving down the highway and a truck a half-mile ahead sends your car a signal advising that drivers ahead are slamming on their brakes...
[ read full headline ] - FastLane Blog

Illinois Tollways starts procurement of new toll system | Source: TollRoads News
[ read full headline ] - TollRoads News

More roads going high tech | Source: FastLane Blog
[ read full headline ] - FastLane Blog

National Transportation Workforce Summit Seeks Abstracts | Source: ITS JPO
[ read full headline ] - ITS JPO

ITS Midwest and USDOT team up to offer FREE ITS Workshop | Source: ITSMW
With support from ITS America and through the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Professional Capacity Building workshop program, ITS Midwest is pleased to offer the Advanced Operational Concepts workshop the afternoon of September 27th from 1pm to 5pm. Attendance at the Annual Meeting is encouraged, but it is not required to participate in the workshop. This workshop is being offered to ITS members and non-members at no cost....
[ more information]

ITS Tennessee 2011 Annual Meeting | Source: ITSMW
Our friends of ITS Tennessee will be holding their annual meeting around the same dates as we do for the ITS Midwest Annual Meeting. ITS Tennessee will meet on Sep. 28-30, 2011 at the Memphis Marriott in Memphis...
[ more information]

Secretary LaHood Announces $101.4 Million to Promote Innovative Clean-Fuel Technologies in Transit | Source: US DOT
[ read full headline ] - US DOT

Announcement of $1.6 Billion for transit projects by U.S. DOT Secretary | Source: Transportation Nation
[ read full headline ] - Transportation Nation

Submit an abstract for the ITSMW Annual Meeting | Source: ITSMW
Abstracts for potential paper/poster presentation(s) for the 2011 Annual Meeting are sought...
[ Submit Abstract NOW]

Nominate a Project for the 2011 Awards | Source: ITSMW
ITS Midwest is soliciting nominations for the 2011 Project of the Year. Awards will be determined based upon project merit and significance and could result in multiple awards. Nominations may be made by any ITS Midwest member, and a member may nominate his or her own organization/project...
[ more information]

ITS JPO Summer Webinar Series (Data Capture & Dynamic Mobility Apps) | Source: ITS JPO
Register for ITS JPO Summer Webinar Series (7/20, 7/27, 8/10 & 8/17) related to Dynamic Mobility Applications and Real-time Data Capture and Management programs. The webinars are free and open to the public, but interested attendees need to register in advance for each webinar. Each 90 minute webinar will begin at 1:00pm ET.
[ read full headline ] - ITS JPO

Deadline Approaching for Entering the ITS Video Challenge  | Source: RITA
June 30, 2011, is the deadline for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Video Challenge. The ITS Video Challenge is a national competition showcasing innovative ways that local communities use smart transportation technology to improve safety, mobility, and the environment.
[ read full headline ] - RITA

IL Tollway & Argonne team up to study fuel conservation | Source: Chicago Business powered by CRAIN'S
Argonne National Laboratory is working with the Illinois Tollway to study ways to reduce the amount of fuel used by Illinois State Police squad cars and other tollway vehicles.
[ read full article ] - Chicago Business powered by CRAIN'S

Intelligent Transportation Takes a Baby Step | Source: Wired
We're finally seeing progress in a plan to create an intelligent transportation system where our cars and our roads communicate to make our commutes a little smoother....
[ read full article by Zach Rosenberg] - WIRED Magazine

Accelerating the Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems | Source: DESC Blog
This nation is facing budget deficits requiring all levels of government to "do more with less". In the transportation setting, these shortfalls are exacerbated by a growing population and rising congestion levels. It is clear we cannot continue business as usual....
[ read full article by Scott Belcher] - DESC Blog

Smart Technologies for Communities Act Will Help Save Oil, Ease Congestion and Save Lives | Source: NRDC Switchboard Blog
Last year the average American commuter spent 34 hours stuck in traffic, wasting 3.9 billion gallons of gas, at a cost of more than $115 trillion annually...
[ read full article] - NRDC Switchboard Blog

ITS America Pres./CEO Scott Belcher testified before the House T&I Committee | Source: ITS America
ITS America President and CEO Scott Belcher joined U.S. Reps. Mike Rogers, R-MI, and Russ Carnahan, D-MO, to  announce a bipartisan bill designed to accelerate the deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in communities...
[ more information] - ITS America

Chicago Revs Up for Zipcar Deal | Source: NBC Chicago
City employees would use "Zipcard" to reserve vehicles online
[ more information] - NBC Chicago

Zipcar partners with Chicago | Source: ITS International
[ more information] - ITS International

National Broadband Map | Source: Virginia ITSs
[ more information] - Virginia ITSs  web site

Illinois Senator Durbin to highlight threatened TIGER grants program in Moline this Monday Source: Transportation for America | Source: Transportation for America
[ more information] - Transportation for America web site

Cars That Avoid Crashes: Driving Toward Zero Fatalities with Connected Vehicle Technology | Source: ITS America
[ more information] - ITS America web site

Registration for ITS 2011 World Congress Open | Source: World Congress web site
[ more information] - World Congress web site

The January 2011 Issue of the ITSMW Newsletter is out! | Source: ITSMW
[ more information]

ITSMW Members: It's Time to Renew Membership | Source: ITSMW
Dear ITSMW Member, it is time to renew your Membership...
[ more information]

Green shoots in the "Bluegrass State": Developing advanced battery technologies for vehicle applications | Source: Kentucky-Argonne
The Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing Research and Development Center has recently launched a new Web site detailing the partnership between Argonne and Kentucky on lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery research...
[ more information] - Kentucky-Argonne web site

Research and Innovative Technology Administration releases ITS strategic plan | Source: ITS America
Imagine a world where: Highway crashes and their tragic consequences are significantly reduced;  Vehicles of all types can talk to traffic signals to eliminate unnecessary stops and help people drive in the most fuel efficient manner; Travelers can get accurate travel time information about all modes and route options and the potential environmental impacts of their choices; Transportation managers have data to accurately assess multi-modal transportation system performance...
[ more information] - ITS America web site

Report: US falling behind world leaders in use of new technologies to address major transportation challenges | Source: ITS America
The United States is lagging behind other world leaders in the use of new technologies to address traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, traffic crashes, and other major challenges according to a report issued yesterday by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)...
[ more information] - ITS America web site

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