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Upcoming CITE and FHWA Blended Courses (2009)

The Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) eliminates the inconvenience of attending courses away from the office by providing "blended" courses through an interactive web-based format. All of CITE's courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The courses provide student interactivity through a stimulating mix of participatory activities, such as self-study quizzes, exercises or problems, and drag-and-drop pages. These activities help support and reinforce the text-based information and keep students engaged and active in the learning process.

A "blended" course combines the best features of both instructor-led and web-based instruction. These features include:

  • Live discussions with the instructor through the use of conference calls,
  • Convenient, flexible web-based learning,
  • A specific time schedule in which to complete the course, and
  • Interaction with other students through the use of class workshops posted on a discussion board.

The Consortium for ITS Training and Education (CITE) and the FHWA Office of Safety have released the following interactive web-based courses schedule for 2009:

      October - December 2009  
Principles and Tools for Road Weather Management  - Instructor-led, Web-based ("Blended") Version


Description: This course provides transportation professionals in highway maintenance and/or highway operations with training to develop tools and strategies for addressing road weather problems. The course begins with an overview of the types of road weather problems and their associated costs, as well as basic meteorology for non-meteorologists. Through this course, participants are exposed to various strategies for addressing road weather problems, including Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and the development of crosscutting decision support systems to respond effectively to weather situations. In addition, road weather solutions unique to maintenance management, traffic management, traveler information, and emergency management are discussed.
Target Audience: This course is designed for persons engaged in any aspect of highway maintenance, operations, traffic management, emergency management, and highway safety, specifically those engaged in the implementation of solutions for roadway problems; technical specialists engaged in the implementation of solutions for roadway problems that are caused by weather; State and local transportation/public works agencies, and mid-level managers who direct their agency's resources; and FHWA personnel.

Interested? For more information and to register visit:
Register Online

      October - December 2009  
Introduction to Systems Engineering  - Instructor-led, Web-based ("Blended") Version


Description: This course is an introduction to systems engineering for ITS project managers and project staff. It provides a high-level view of a broad and rich topic area, introducing basic concepts to individuals who are working on ITS projects. The goal is to allow these individuals to understand the benefits of applying systems engineering approaches as a means of developing quality systems. The course covers technical practices such as modeling, prototyping, trade-off analysis and testing, and management practices such as risk assessment and mitigation, which make up "best practices" in the systems engineering arena. This course is part of the core Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) curriculum established by the ITS Professional Capacity Building (PCB) program.
Target Audience: Transportation engineers and other practicing ITS professionals or technical persons at all levels of government and in the private sector. ITS project managers, technical team members, contractors, and staff are all appropriate participants. Project managers would particularly benefit from this course since they direct many peoples' efforts. Any level of professionals involved in ITS may attend to broaden their understanding of complex systems, beyond current technical knowledge.

Interested? For more information and to register visit:
Register Online

The fee for the course is $250 and students can register by going to the CITE web site.

For more information, please contact Denise Twisdale, [email protected]  or 301-403-4592.

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