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Agency/Company World Congress Opportunity at ITS Midwest kiosk in State Chapter Pavilion

ITS Midwest members and friends - ITS Midwest is pleased to offer your agency or company the opportunity to participate in the upcoming ITS World Congress, Nov. 16-20 in NYC.

ITS Midwest will be one of the four kiosk exhibitors in the ITS America State Pavilion at the World Congress.

  • As a kiosk exhibitor ITS Midwest will have Internet access and a 30" LCD screen.
  • ITS Midwest is assembling a slide show program for continuous display on the 30" screen. We are currently assembling the content for the slide show which will include graphics and/or narrative to feature projects, products, and services highlighting ITS, technology, and management and operations initiatives by members and friends of ITS Midwest from throughout our four state chapter.
  • You would also be able to display printed material and brochures.

ITS Midwest encourages your organization to submit one or more slides to be included in the show at our kiosk. A Powerpoint template consisting of two parts for use as a model for your organization's slide(s) is available on request (read below for more information).

Please take this opportunity to have a presence at the premier ITS event of the year by submitting slides of projects, products, or services that your organization offers or has been involved with.

1) Request Pavillion Map and Powerpoint Template
To request:

  • the Powerpoint template for the slides to be included in the show, and
  • a schematic of the Pavilion and the kiosk display layout,

contact our Administrative Aide, Shawna Ulicne at   or 614-766-5338.

2) Submit slides to include in the show program

Slides (including the graphic template and the narrative template for each initiative) should be sent to the following e-mail addresses before October 10:



Participation Fee

The ITS Midwest Board is considering whether or not to charge participating organizations for the kiosk display opportunity. At present no sponsorship charge has been established. Should the Board decide to charge a sponsorship fee it is likely to be nominal ($100 -200 for example, possibly discounted for current or new members). We are sure you agree this represents a terrific value for an ITS World Congress presence by your organization.

As an added value, the first 50 participants will receive a free "Exhibit Only" pass to the World Congress.

Volunteers to staff the Pavilion sought

ITS Midwest is also seeking persons to staff the Pavilion. If you or a colleague will be attending the World Congress and can commit to a 2 hour shift at the ITS Midwest Pavilion it would be greatly appreciated. Please indicate your interest in staffing (including name, contact e-mail and phone) with your slide submittal. Of course, the staffing is entirely optional and voluntary.

Not a member? Join ITS Midwest now!

Finally, if you are not currently a member, we urge you to consider joining ITS Midwest. Information on our state chapter, our many services and activities, and how to join is available at this website.
You may also consider participating in the ITS Midwest 2008 Annual Meeting to be held Oct. 30-31 in Columbus, OH. The Preliminary Program and other information is available at "ITS Midwest 2008 Annual Meeting".

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