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Why Join ITS Midwest?
Membership in ITS Midwest is open to corporations, companies, government agencies, individuals, universities, and other organizations with an interest in ITS development and deployment.

A qualifying organization may join the ITS Midwest chapter for $250.00 per year. Individuals not affiliated with an organization willing to join ITS Midwest may become members of the chapter for $75.00 per year.

Chapters like ITS Midwest play a key role of outreach, education, and support for ITS technical and planning activities. ITS Midwest also provides a forum for planning and support of the LMIGA Priority Corridor. Join ITS Midwest today and play a role in shaping our future transportation systems!

How to Apply for / Renew Membership:
We encourage you to join or renew online. It’s fast and convenient, provides all membership options, and includes the ability to pay by check or credit card.

New Members:
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Existing Members:
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Mail-in Registrations:
Mail-in registrations can be completed by downloading and completing the Member Application [PDF documents PDF, 289KB]. Note that a check must accompany mail-in applications (see directions inside application).

Member Benefits
All representatives of an ITS-MW organizational member are invited to participate in chapter activities including meetings, committees, programs. etc. Each ITS-MW organizational member is entitled to receive the necessary complete sets of ITS-MW mailings directed to both the designated primary contact (who exercises the members ITS-MW vote) and all registered secondary contacts.

Your ITS Midwest membership entitles you to discounts at all ITS Midwest events, access to our newsletter archive and board meeting minutes, and the opportunity to participate on ITS Midwest committees. In addition, the following membership benefits are available:

  • Webinars on hot ITS topics
  • Access to archived presentations at ITS Midwest events
  • RFP/RFQ announcements
  • Your company logo and a webpage link on the ITS Midwest membership page
  • Access to the ITS Midwest membership directory

Let's keep in touch
As a subscriber of mailing list you will get exclusive access to subscribers-only information ( general information as well as announcements, reminders and updates related to upcoming events from ITS Midwest). Rest assured, we only send out relevant information and -just as much as you do- we don't like spam.

Whenever you create a new membership profile by joining us or renew your membership, the profile information form shows two boxes regarding your email preferences:

  • Yes, I wish to receive email messages with general information as well as announcements, reminders and updates related to upcoming events from ITS Midwest.
  • No, please do not send email messages except reminders about events for which I am already registered.

It's up to you to make an explicit choice between subscribing or opting out of mailings. Make sure you opt-in to receive mailings from us by checking the "Yes, I wish to receive email messages..." box in your profile, so you don't miss a beat.

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What about opting-out? Should you at some point wish to unsuscribe, there is an easy way out. Our emails have an "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email. If you want to unsubscribe, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the email, look for the "Unsubscribe" link and click it to unsubscribe from future communications from us. Yes, it really is just that simple.

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Further Information
For further Information about joining and the benefits of membership in ITS-Midwest, contact the ITS Midwest President, Matt Letourneau, at .

Current Members
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