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Self-Driving Cars

A note from ITE International
Director Jeff Paniati

So much is happening right now on the driverless car front that it is hard to keep up. Here are three of the more interesting articles that I read recently. I thought each of them did a good job of painting a picture of the future, but also in highlighting the challenges in getting there - from both a technical and regulatory perspective. Clearly, there is tremendous opportunity ahead with automated and connected vehicles, but a lot of work to do by many parties - public and private - to get there.

One more interesting piece - a recent study by the RAND Corporation:

Quite technical in its statistical analysis, this effort points out the difficulties that will be encountered in evaluating the safety of autonomous vehicles. I found the discussion and conclusions on pages 10-11 to be of most interest. Particularly the need for "adaptive regulations."

Jeff Paniati
ITE Executive Director and CEO