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RSS icon  and RSS

What is RSS? What does the icon RSS icon mean?

What is RSS?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are free content feeds from websites, including the ITS Midwest website, that contain article headlines, summaries and links back to full-text articles on the web.
You can get the latest headlines in one place, as soon as it gets published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from.

What tools do I need to use RSS?

To start using RSS, you need a special news reader or aggregator that displays RSS content feeds from websites you select. There are many different news readers available, many of which are free of charge. Most are available as desktop software that you download and install on your computer. Several web-based news readers are available as well.

Some browsers, including Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera and Safari, automatically check for feeds for you when you visit a website, and display an icon when they find one. This can make subscribing to feeds much easier. For more details on these, please consult the browser documentation or online help files.

Once you have set up your news reader, you simply subscribe to the RSS content feeds you want.

What are the benefits of using RSS?

RSS is an easy way for you to be alerted when content that interests you appears on your favorite websites. Instead of visiting a particular website to browse for new articles and features, RSS automatically tells you when something new is posted online.

Click on the RSS icon icon on the web page to obtain the RSS URL for this website, which you will see in the "Address" field of of your browser. For example, in this website click on the icon in the headlines box.
Simply copy this URL and follow the instructions for your particular news reader to subscribe. That's it.

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