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Applying Cloud Serverless Technologies to Wrangle Ever-Growing Data

Speaker: Dan Rossiter (Southwest Research Institute)

DATE: May 6th, 2021
TIME: 11:30am - 12:00pm Central (12:30pm - 1:00pm Eastern)
SPEAKER: Dan Rossiter (Assistant Program Manager, Southwest Research Institute)
MODERATOR: Scott Lee (TranSmart; ITS Midwest)

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Today agencies are enjoying while may also suffering from growing data sometimes. In addition to traditional sensors deployed along agency corridors, a wealth of both freely available and paid services offer a multitude of historical and real-time datasets to augment agency sensing capabilities. To make use of this growing data hoard, emerging technologies must be leveraged to extract the actionable data in meaningful ways.

Cloud compute capacity provides a compelling solution to manage this growing data. Particularly, serverless technologies allow agencies to focus on designing systems to address needs without worrying about how many (virtual) servers must be allocated and when those servers need to scale up or down to adjust with fluctuating data volume. The highly scalable nature of serverless technologies in a cloud environment allows for analysis algorithms and dashboards to be built independent of data volume, scaling to meet demand in real time. In this session we will evaluate various real-world scenarios and consider how cloud compute technologies can be used to address agency needs.


  • Presentation: 20 min (11:30am - 11:50am CDT)
  • Q & A: 10 min (11:50am - 12:00pm CDT)


Dan Rossiter
Dan Rossiter

Mr. Rossiter has been supporting software solutions in the transportation industry for over 8 years in roles ranging across project management of statewide system deployments, high-level software systems architecture, and general software development. Mr. Rossiter currently serves as the program manager for Active-Vision, a transportation-focused video analytics platform providing actionable data from commodity vendor-agnostic traffic cameras. He is additionally the project manager for the New Mexico DOT statewide transportation management system and the software lead for both the Pennsylvania DOT and Kansas DOT statewide transportation management systems.


Scott Lee, ITS Midwest
Scott Lee

Scott Lee, P.E. is President of ITS Midwest and Chief Engineer of Innovation and Technology at Transmart/EJM. TranSmart is a group of knowledgeable and creative professionals (Engineers, Planners, and Specialists), who are skilled in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Information Technology/ Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Facility Studies and Improvement Design.
Exec bio: Scott Lee on LinkedIn
Photo: Scott Lee. Image credits: ITS Midwest



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