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2021 ITS Project of the Year

In 2021 we had two outstanding nominees for the ITS Midwest Project of the Year. The winner is the Queue Warning Trucks project by Indiana DOT, leading to ~ 80% less hard-braking events according to an evaluation study led by Purdue University. Congratulations!

ITS Midwest recognizes Queue Warning Trucks as ITS Project of the Year 2021

Queue Warning truck with onboard transponder. Photo Credits: “Evaluation of the Impact of Queue Trucks with Navigation Alerts Using Connected Vehicle Data.” by Sakhare, R.S. et al.

“Queue Warning Trucks”
by Indiana Department of Transportation

In 2020, Indiana DOT begin deploying queue warning trucks with message boards, flashers and digital alerts that could be transmitted to navigation systems such as Waze. A novel analysis of queue warning trucks equipped with digital alerts was conducted during the months of May-July in 2021 using connected vehicle data. Hard-braking events were tabulated for when queueing occurred with and without the presence of a queue warning truck. Approximately 370 hours of queueing with queue trucks present and 58 hours of queueing without queue trucks present were evaluated. Hard-braking events were found to decrease approximately 80% when queue warning trucks were used to alert motorists of impending queues. As of Summer 2021, INDOT has deployed approximately 26 queue trucks.

Additional details in:
Sakhare, R.S., Desai, J.C., Mahlberg, J., Mathew, J.K., Kim, W., Li, H., McGregor, J.D. and Bullock, D.M. “Evaluation of the Impact of Queue Trucks with Navigation Alerts Using Connected Vehicle Data.” Journal of Transportation Technologies, 11, 561-576. (2021)

Second Finalist Project

“TIMS2GO Mobile Incident Response Tool” by Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

TIMS2GO puts all the ITS resources of the Illinois Tollway’s Traffic Operations Center, including its Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS), in the palms of the hands of traffic managers, giving them the ability to gather real-time incident information and direct the appropriate resources to respond anytime from anywhere using any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
The mobile app helps traffic managers make better-informed decisions by providing instant access to livestreaming video, incident details and response status updates and allows traffic managers to efficiently share information with Illinois State Police District 15, which is responsible for patrolling the Illinois Tollway system, as well as other emergency responders and roadway maintenance personnel.

About the ITS Midwest “Project of the Year” Award

Each year one or more ITS projects are chosen to receive the ITS Midwest Project of the Year Award.
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