2018 ITS Project of the Year

Started in 2005, the ITS Midwest Awards Program highlights the major accomplishments our public and private sector members have made over the past year.

ITS Midwest recognizes ITS Project of the Year 2018

Abraham Emmanuel (CDOT), Joseph Bram (Parsons) and Preston Judkins (Parsons) receive on behalf of CDOT the 2018 ITS Midwest “Project of the Year” award from Dan Shamo (AECOM and ITS Midwest Vice President Indiana, first from left). Photo Credits: ITS Midwest

The 2018 ITS Midwest “Project of the Year” award for the Most Outstanding ITS Project had a record of eleven nominations this year. It was another tough decision to select one for the recognition. Finally, the ITS Midwest “Project of the Year” award recognized a project in Illinois: CDOT’s Chicago Smart Mobility (CSM) Project Phase I. The Award was presented to CDOT at the 2018 Annual Meeting of ITS Midwest. Congratulations!


CDOT’s Chicago Smart Mobility (CSM) Project Phase I


CDOT needed an ATMS to implement active traffic management in Chicago. The City had multiple antiquated standalone systems, and the departments operated independently. Specific work involved: The CSM project integrated an unprecedented number of diverse systems together into one platform.

Benefits of the CSM project:

  • Phase I integrated multiple internal and external standalone operations
  • Unprecedented access to data
  • Provides a foundation for active traffic management in Chicago
  • The CMS System can be used for traveler information delivery
  • The system improves traffic management, agency coordination, and analytics


  • Challenges in defining the level of integration and getting the appropriate agreements in place.

Unusual aspects of this project:

  • Combined a record number of diverse data sources
  • The system takes operational integration to the next level
  • Uses OEMC cameras to build an ATMS with no capital investment in CCTV


Abraham Emmanuel, City of Chicago


Other Finalist Projects included:

  • IDOT District 5 ITS Initiative by IDOT - The District Office, stakeholders and travelling public needed a network to distribute information.
  • Arterial Construction Tracking System (ACTS) Version 2 by IDOT District 1 and University of Illinois at Chicago - Project tracks 1) closures of arterials due to permits given to municipalities and utilities and 2) closures of arterials due to IDOT maintenance activities.
  • I-90 Lake Effect Snow Corridor (LAK-90-14.68 Variable Speed Limit Project) by ODOT - Impact on motorists due to sudden white out conditions from Lake Effect Snow on I-90.
  • I-90 SmartRoad by Illinois Tollway - Project takes care of Traffic Congestion by improving traveler information plus power/communications reliability. It supports for Multimodal operations – specifically for Pace bus service and travel time reliability. It offers Worker and Responder safety support through lane control guidance, plus it offers full roadway surveillance coverage to support safety and operations.
  • Arterial Operation Center (AOC) and ATMS by Kane County, IL - Building Addition for Arterial Operations Center and ATMS and upgraded Central Management System.
  • Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT) Installation by the City of Naperville - Optimizing the traffic flow during peak periods and establishing remote monitoring and control of the traffic signal network.
  • TPIMS (Truck Parking Information Management System) by INDOT - TPIMS helps truckers meet their hours of service and improves freight “Just-In-Time” delivery reliability ; it reduces truck parking on interchange ramps and it helps states identify when expansion or other improvements are needed.
  • ITRCC Road Safety Initiative by ITR Concession Co. LLC (Indiana Toll Road) - Helps to communicate with customers during incidents or times of inclement weather.
  • HAM BANKS VARIABLE MESSAGE SIGNS by City of Cincinnati, The Banks Public Partnership - Motorists awareness of available parking during events.
  • SAFCAT (Safety Assessment for Connected and Autonomous Transportation) by Kentucky Transportation Center - Forecast of safety benefits of early adoption of CAV's using a data driven process (i.e. Postponing the adoption of CAV's will cost lives).

About the ITS Midwest “Project of the Year” Award

Each year one or more ITS projects are chosen to receive the ITS Midwest Project of the Year Award.
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