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Awards: "Project of the Year" 2009

  • The IDOT/UIC was honored for its Expanded Regional Gateway Traveler Information System project.

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ITS Project of the Year 2009

Expanded Regional Gateway Traveler Information System

  • Expanded Regional Gateway Traveler Information System
    by Illinois DOT/UIC | Website

    The 24/7/365 Gateway operation is a proactive force providing traveler information in the IL-IN-MI-WI area. Besides reporting activity on Interstate Highways, the Gateway reflects construction and incidents on US and state highways and major local roads. Construction and incidents are supplemented with non-emergency special event information providing comprehensive regional traffic data...
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 306KB]

Other Finalist Projects

  • Kane County Traffic Systems Center
    by Brown Traffic Products Inc.

    The purpose of this Randall Road traffic signal project is to provide an Ethernet Link from 27 intersections on Randall Road to a new Kane Cty Traffic Systems Center...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 188KB]
  • Bluetooth Probe Data for Transportation System Management
    by Indiana Department of Transportation (In collaboration with Purdue University and Iron Mountain Systems)

    System “probes” is a broad term used to describe the monitoring of a sample of transportation system users as they pass predefined checkpoints. To provide the most comprehensive assessment of performance, the ideal probes span multiple modes such as automobile, transit, and pedestrian facilities. Although the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems is nearly 20 years old, the use of probe data has been extremely limited. This lack of probe data has created a huge challenge for professionals charged with managing system operation, when one of their fundamental performance indicators, travel time, was not readily measured. In 2008 the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) pioneered the tracking of Bluetooth enabled consumer electronics...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 361KB]
  • Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) Statewide Implementation
    by Indiana Department of Transportation

    Due to concerns over revenue & salt supply, INDOT began statewide implementation of an MDSS for winter 2008-09. INDOT utilized an MDSS with mobile data collection to better plan, manage & use materials, equipment & man hours to offset these concerns & find better, more cost effect ways to do business...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 189KB]
  • INDOT Traffic Management Strategic Deployment Plan
    by Indiana Department of Transportation - Traffic Management Business Unit

    This “project” outlines the deployment plan for the INDOT Traffic Management system in a statewide manner through FY 2020. This plan provides the necessary focus on the priorities of expanding the existing traffic management system in Indiana. It also gives the overall vision for the entire system and logically categorizes the build out process to meet the vision for the system...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 452KB]

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