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Awards: "Project of the Year" 2007-08

2007-08 Awards
ITS Midwest and ITS Mid-America merged to create a four-state chapter in 2007. With the merger the Annual Meeting was moved from Spring to Fall. To accommodate this change, the merged ITS Midwest has combined the 2007 and 2008 Project of the Year Award. ITS Midwest announced the 2007-08 winners at our 2008 Annual Meeting, October 30-31, in Columbus, OH. Once again, it was another tough decision in making our new Project of the Year Awards.

  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet was honored for its Safe Assistance for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) Patrol project.

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Award Winner

Safe Assistance for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) Patrol

  • Safe Assistance for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) Patrol
    by Kentucky Transportation Cabinet | Website

    The SAFE Patrol is located in the Roadway Assistance Branch of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Division of Transportation Security. It is a part of a comprehensive incident management initiative to improve safety and reduce delay caused by nonrecurring congestion and improve operations of the freeway system.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 338KB]

Other Finalist Projects

  • Chicago TMC - Phase 2
    by Chicago OEMC

    Chicago is leading major cities by combining traffic and emergency management, and public safety under unified command. To implement this strategy Phase 2 Chicago TMC development focuses on requirements and specifications to integrate an Advanced Traffic Management System with existing 911, Operations, and Incident Centers and systems...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 130KB]
  • Chicago Data Archive
    by Chicago OEMC

    The Chicago Data Archive (CDA) was created to support planning, engineering, and operation of over 17,000 miles of highways and arterials, 26,000 intersections, and 3,000 signals in the City of Chicago network. Previously traffic, signal, and crash data was held first in separate paper files, then in separate computer files. The CDA assembles all this data in an integrated GIS database to facilitate analysis...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 74KB]
    by Franklin County (Ohio) Engineer

    AVL snow plow/ street sweeping/ mowing operations-orientated project.
    A 4.2 million dollar collaborative project between Franklin County Engineers and the City of Columbus, OH....
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 48KB]
  • GCM Gateway Traveler Information System, Transition, & Enhancements
    by Illinois DOT

    Since 2003, the Gateway has been the central collection, validation, fusion, and distribution hub for real-time transportation data in the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee (GCM) region that is shared with over twenty operating agencies.
    In 2007, IDOT completed a successful transition of Gateway hardware, software, communications and operations to the IDOT Traffic Systems Center (TSC)...
    For more information:
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 280KB]

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