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Awards: "Project of the Year" 2005

  • NAVTEQ was honored for its role in the VII Technology demonstration at the 2005 ITS World Congress. Lake County was honored for its Lake County Passage project.

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Private Sector Winner

  • Map Enhanced VII for the ITS World Congress
    by NAVTEQ |
    NAVTEQ and its partners developed VII technology that was demonstrated at The 2005 ITS World Congress. The project consisted of data about real-time road incidents relayed to a central data server hosted by NAVTEQ. NAVTEQ then aggregated this data and displayed it on a digital map to allow viewers to see where these incidents had occurred. NAVTEQ also developed the "TEQMobile" which displayed this information while driving. NAVTEQ made a reality of what many considered theoretical or even "wish list" technologies. NAVTEQ demonstrated how an entire business model for VII could exist, from how data is communicated from one vehicle, to a central server, and then relayed to other vehicles.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 250KB]

Public Sector Winner

  • Lake County Passage Final Design and Integration
    by Lake County DOT et al. | Website

    With other local agencies, the Lake County Division of Transportation has developed a multi-agency integrated arterial and freeway management system that supports event and congestion management at a level unmatched throughout the country. The project includes automated congestion management, automated event management, integration of County maintenance activities and several ITS elements. This project successfully demonstrated the use of new and innovative technical solutions and showed how local, regional and statewide agencies can work together to support cost-effective multi-jurisdictional ITS solutions.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 92KB]

Cindy Paulauskas of NAVTEQ accepts the award for private sector Project of the Year from ITS Midwest president Gary Rylander and Recognition committee chair Rick Weiland
Cindy Paulauskas (center) of NAVTEQ accepts the award for private sector Project of the Year from ITS Midwest president Gary Rylander (left) and Recognition committee chair Rick Weiland (right).

Anthony Khawaja of Lake County Division of Transportation in Illinois accepts the award for the public sector Project of the Year.
Anthony Khawaja (center) of Lake County Division of Transportation in Illinois accepts the award for the public sector Project of the Year.

Other Finalist Projects

  • Illinois Statewide ITS Strategic Plan and Architecture
    by Illinois DOT et al.

    Taken together, and working with over 20 partner stakeholders, the Illinois Statewide ITS Strategic Plan helps insure that ITS supports the management and operation of the system and provide improved service and safety benefits to users, and supports key projects throughout Illinois The focus of this two year effort was to identify specific needs in each region and to insure that ITS investments were coordinated, integrated, effective and beneficial to regional and statewide users.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 118KB]
  • My 511
    by NAVTEQ

    NAVTEQ, with ATX, developed voice-enabled technology which allows users to receive directions, traffic information, and parking information through the 511 channel. Users can call 511 and request directions from an address or a point of interest to an address or point of interest. The route takes into account real-time traffic conditions provided by NAVTEQ. NAVTEQ shown that there is a way to receive directions via the telephone and it is refining the concept of voice enabled technology, to lead to stronger voice-enabled communication with navigation systems in automobiles and via telephones.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 164KB]
  • Gateway TIS: New Tools for Travelers
    by Illinois DOT et al. | Website

    The Gateway Traveler Information System is the keystone of the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Coalition (GCM). Gateway collects, processes, validates, fuses, and distributes real-time information on the performance of the 3-state region's transport system to over 20 operating agencies, more than a dozen public and private sector information service providers including the media, and to the traveling public via the www.travelmidwest.com website. Gateway has performed this service with over 99% uptime since system acceptance in 2004. Gateway receives more than 15 million page views each month from travelers seeking travel time, congestion, construction, and incident information to help them plan and make their trips.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 152KB]
  • Illinois Tollway and NBC5 Partnership
    by Illinois State Toll Highway Authority et al. | Website

    In April 2003, the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority deployed its new Traffic and Incident Management System, a visionary approach to applying integrated ITS technologies. In the past year the Authority has expanded TIMS by reaching out beyond traditional traffic management systems to better manage traffic and inform travelers. A variety of traffic applications were developed through a private sector partnership with local television channel NBC-5. The partnership permits use by NBC-5 of Tollway video and traffic information, while NBC5 promotes the use of the I-PASS electronic toll collection system and the new Open Road Tolling system.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 89KB]
  • Critical Incident Customer Communication
    by Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

    The goal of the Illinois Tollway's Critical Incident Customer Communication Initiative is to maximize the dissemination of accurate, real time incident information and allow motorists the opportunity to make intelligent decisions about their travel while, at the same time, mitigating the impacts of congestion. Email notification groups provide notification of all Tollway incidents involving lane blockage. Each time conditions change, email alert updates are sent from the Tollway's Traffic Center. This relatively low-cost ITS effort contributes to the reduction of congestion, saves time and money, and has been shown through other studies, to improve air quality.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 63KB]
  • I-74 / Peoria Intelligent Transportation System
    by Illinois DOT et al.

    As the largest road construction project in Illinois outside the Chicago area, the 12-mile reconstruction of I-74 posed unique challenges for the Cities of Peoria and East Peoria. ITS technologies and strategies were planned, designed, and implemented to enhance the operations and management efficiency of the corridor, both during and after construction. Beginning with the development of the I-74 ITS Project System Architecture in 2001, an integrated system was developed to promote the sharing of transportation data between partner agencies. The result is an intelligent transportation system for the region that helps to provide safer, more efficient movement of travelers, goods, and services in the I-74 corridor.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 118KB]
  • Indianapolis Regional ITS Architecture
    by Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization et al.

    The Indianapolis Region is witnessing a number of regional ITS initiatives, such as InDOT's Indianapolis area Advanced Traffic Management System, IndyGo's Bus Automatic Vehicle Locationing Project, and the future Indianapolis Traffic Management Center. In concert with InDOT's Statewide ITS Architecture, the Indianapolis Regional ITS Architecture provides a framework for the integrated deployment of ITS strategies and techniques. With the Regional Architecture, the MPO and partner agencies can better integrate ITS efforts beyond their boundaries, pool funds, and deploy ITS technologies and projects that benefit both the Indianapolis region, and the entire State of Indiana for years to come.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 97KB]
  • Travel Times on Regional Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
    by Illinois DOT and Illinois Tollway et al. | Website

    Drivers throughout the Chicago area rely on timely, accurate traffic information to help them make travel decisions. Dynamic Message Signs are a key means to deliver this information. Both IDOT and the Tollway have installed systems, equipment, and operational procedures to provide travel time information on more than 50 DMS at critical locations on the system. Customers find the information to be timely, accurate, and useful. Making this travel time information available to drivers via the DMS is a key component of the region's congestion relief initiatives. The partnership between IDOT and the Tollway serves travelers in and through the Chicago region well.
    Project Fact Sheet [PDF document , 106KB]

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