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  • The ITS Midwest Award Program was initiated in 2005 in recognition of the many activities occurring in our states that warrant a special honor. The ITS Midwest Awards Program highlights the major accomplishments our public and private sector members have made over the past year.

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Each year one or more ITS projects are chosen to receive the ITS Midwest Project of the Year Award. The Project of the Year Award is based on merit and significance of the project to the ITS Community. The ITS Midwest Recognition Committee reviews all nominated projects. The Board then approves the Recognition Committee's recommendation for the year's awards. Winners are confirmed by ITS Midwest Board of Directors, excluding nominators and representatives of nominated organizations. Winners are honored at the ITS Midwest Annual Meeting.
More information on how to nominate a project for the ITS Midwest Project of the Year Award follows.

Nominate a Project for Next Year's Awards

You can nominate a project provided:

  • You are an ITS Midwest member.
    A member may nominate his or her own organization/project.
  • The Project took place in one of the four States of the ITS Midwest Chapter
    A nominated project must have been primarily conducted in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio and/or conducted by an organization headquartered in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio.
  • The Project is completed or has produced significant results in the year before the Annual Meeting
    For example, to be eligible for nomination for "Project of the Year 2019", the project should have reached completion in 2019 or, if not completed, have produced significant results in 2019.

If all of the criteria above apply, your entry qualifies for the "Project of the Year" Award.

Awards will be determined based upon project merit and significance and could result in multiple awards. Projects conducted by a private company but on behalf of a public agency (e.g., the agency paid for the project) are eligible.

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Finalists and Winners


ITS Project of the Year questions

For information on the ITS Project of the Year Awards and on how to submit nominations, please contact Dan Shamo at (317) 532-5423 or .

  • Scholarships
    Starting in 2019, ITS Midwest has established the Gordon Paesani ITS Midwest Scholarship to honor the memory of Gordon Paesani, ITS pioneer and mentor.

For more information»»  Gordon Paesani ITS Midwest Scholarship

Scholarships questions

Questions about the Gordon Paesani Scholarship? Just call Dan Shamo, Chairman - Awards Committee (317) 532-5423 or Scott Lee, ITS Midwest Secretary-President-Elect at (872) 315-6005.