Technical Tour of TRIMARC

Technical Tour: TRIMARC Traffic Operations Center

Friday, November 5, 2021 1:30 pm to 3 pm

TRIMARC cam view

Traffic Alert Photo from TRIMARC web cam. Photo Credits: TRIMARC

ITS Midwest Annual Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a “Behind the Scenes” tour of TRIMARC's Traffic Operations Center.

TRIMARC is a project of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC). TRIMARC operates a 24/7/365 Traffic Operations Center (TOC) in Louisville Kentucky. The purpose of TRIMARC is to improve the performance of the existing Freeway system in TRIMARC's coverage area, by implementing services and systems that facilitate the efficient flow of traffic.
TOC Operators and staff use an integrated system of Intelligent Transportaton Systems device hardware and software, to analyze traffic conditions and make timely notifications to motorists, of traffic conditions that may negatively affect interstate travel. Incidents may include crashes, disabled motorists, roadwork and other events that can occur on the interstates. TRIMARC uses dynamic messaging signs, camera snapshot views on the TRIMARC website, Notify Every Truck (NET) program, social media and other means to provide real-time information. The TRIMARC TOC monitors traffic in the Louisville Metro area and the Northern Kentucky area, south of Cincinnati, Ohio. They also provide Freeway Service Patrols (FSP), during the workweek rush hour periods, to assist motorists during their time of need. FSP services, when available and provided, are always free to the public. FSP unit response is prioritized by TOC staff members to ensure we address the most critical needs first.

LOCATION: Traffic Operations Center, 901 West Main Street, Louisville, KY
START TIME: 1:30 pm
COST: free
INCLUDED IN TOUR: During the “Behind the Scenes” tour attendees will view a brief presentation featuring the evolution of the TRIMARC program, tour the control room and gain insight to daily monitoring and operations capabilities of the Traffic Operations Center.
GETTING THERE: The TRIMARC Traffic Operation Center is at 11min walking distance from the Galt House Hotel.


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