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To complement and improve your meeting experience, ITS Midwest will include a number of social events to allow you to network and meet with other #itsmw21 attendees in a relaxed and informal setting. Attendees are required to pay for social events separately. If your partner/spouse is accompanying you on social events, s/he is also required to pay this fee separately. These fee are NOT included in the Annual Meeting registration fees.

Networking Event: Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

Thursday, November 4, 2021 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Tickets sale ends October 21, 2021

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

Join us on Thursday Night for the Networking Event at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. A variety of food options and drink options will be available. The event at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory includes plenty of room to social distance. Our visit will include museum and batting cage access, along with additional surprises as we network together.

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory - Louisville Slugger is one of the leading bat manufacturers starting in 1884 by J. Frederick Hillerich and his woodworking shop. Honus Wagner then became the first player to endorse an athletic product, the Louisville Slugger, in 1905.
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is one of the region’s most popular attractions. The world-famous facility is hard to miss, just look for The Big Bat, the world’s largest baseball bat (120-feet tall, weighing 68,000 pounds), delighting guests as they enter. Made of steel, it’s an exact-scale replica of the 34-inch Louisville Slugger bat that baseball legend Babe Ruth batted with in the 1920s. To date, more than 4-million people have enjoyed the museum and factory tour experience at this location.

COST: The anticipated cost is $50.00 per person
END OF SALE: The tickets sale will close on October 21st, 2021. Make sure to reserve your seat at this event by that date.


There are two ways of purchasing tickets for this social event:


    You may sign up for the networking event during online registration for the annual meeting by October 21st, 2021. The $50 pp cost will be added to the total registration fee.

    To buy tickets (max 2 per registration) you need to select "1" or "2" from the dropdown nexto the item "Networking Event @ Louisville Slugger (Nov. 4)" below the registration options and just above the "Continue" button as shown in the image example below. If you need to pay for social event with another method than the one used for registering for the meeting, please contact us (see "Questions" below).
    how to register for social event - example


    Alternatively, for those of you undecided at time of registration for the Annual Meeting or needing to pay separately for the social event, we have a separate form to purchase tickets for the social event:
    1. Go to
      before Thursday, October 21 (after that date online ticket sale closes)
    2. Use the same email address you used to register for the Annual Meeting to start completing the form then “Continue”
    3. You will be shown the First and Last Name you provided then “Continue”
    4. In the next screen select "1" or "2" from the dropdown menu " Tickets for Networking Event @ Louisville Slugger (Nov 4)" to purchase tickets (max 2 tickets per Annual Meeting registration, cost $50pp) and then "Continue" button as shown in the image example below. how to register for social event -example 2
    5. Answer the question about dietary requirements for you and your second ticket recipient (if any).
    6. Select Payment method, complete  and then hit “Register”.

Please keep in mind that online tickets sale will close on October 21st!

Register online now
Closing Oct. 27th
Book room
Cut-off date: Oct. 20th


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