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I was happy I attended the ITS Midwest Annual Meeting because of the content, the venue, and number of attendees. The event seemed to be well planned, and executed. This was the best event in years! (2019 Annual Meeting)

What I most liked at the Meeting were the network opportunities.

Speaker format was great. Splitting up into groups of speakers kept it moving quickly with lots of information.

The Annual Meeting vendor showcase was nice to be able to learn what all the exhibiting companies offer in a short amount of time.

Exhibiting at the ITS Midwest Annual Meeting was an outstanding opportunity to network with ITS professionals.

What I liked about the Annual Meeting is the EYE OPENING amount of technology that is available to improve commute times and safety for the general public. I love the fact that the vendors showcase their tech and expand on it at their presentations. […] also loved how presenters explained how to mine and effectively use the data that is available now.

I appreciated the breakout sessions that allowed me to attend those topics that were of interest to me.

Great knowledge sharing and networking

I liked the different topics each exhibit brought and the opportunity/ideas it can bring to the future of ITS.

I appreciated that there were two tracks running simultaneously, allowing attendees to choose which presentation to attend and also allowed attendees the opportunity to get up and move around. This movement promoted visits to the vendor booths as well.

The presentations, exhibitors, and speakers were a great variety and provided interesting information. The event seemed very collaborative between all of the members.

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