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If your question is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 740-272-8462 (Nick) or 312-373-7627 (Matt) or emailing to . At the bottom of this page you will also find a detailed list of POCs for different type of questions.

General Questions

Answer The 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting will take place over one day on November 5th, 2020. More details will be communicated soon.

Answer The 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting will take place on an online platform. Details on the format (live-streamed and/or recorded sessions according to the programme schedule) will be announced in the coming weeks.

Answer The safety and wellbeing of our community and network of ITS professionals is our number one priority. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and believe this is the right decision at this time. Read the full announcement “You asked. We acted. From in-person event to virtual event” for more information.

Answer We will be re-imagining the Annual Meeting and delivering an online experience over one day (November 5th, 2020). We will not organize an in-person Annual Meeting at another time during 2020.
We are planning to host our next in-person Annual Meeting at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, hopefully in 2021.

Answer For information about costs, please check the Registration section of this website.

Answer All registrants (Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers, regular attendees) will have access to all online sessions and the Virtual Trade Show. More information is available on the Registration page.


Answer Pre-registration helped us to plan accordingly and to validate to the venue if under undo circumstances we had to cancel we could do so with no penalty. Thank you all that took the time to do so.

Answer No. Once everything is setup on the virtual platform, we will open the official registration for the Virtual Annual Meeting and you will need to complete that form as well.

Technical Program

Answer Abstracts are no longer accepted. But, if as an author/researcher you are interested in conducting an ITS Webinar you should contact (and include a brief description of your topic):
Bini William, Secretary/President-Elect

For #itsmw20 Technical Program related questions contact:

Nick Hegemier & David Zavattero
740-272-8462 (Nick)
773-802-1541 (David)

Answer You will be contacted personally regarding your participation in the programme for the online event. For urgent matters, please contact:

Nick Hegemier & David Zavattero
740-272-8462 (Nick)
773-802-1541 (David)


Answer The Galt House Hotel has sent cancellation emails to folks that had reserved rooms. If, for some reasons, you haven’t received a cancellation email from the hotel yet, please contact:
Nick Hegemier & Matt Letourneau (Co-chairs)
740-272-8462 (Nick)
312-373-7627 (Matt)


Answer Also for the Virtual Annual Meeting we are offering various sponsorship packages to meet different strategic needs and budgets. Visit Sponsorship opportunities for more information.


Answer The online Annual Meeting will also host a Virtual Trade Show that event participants have access to during the online event. The Virtual Trade Show is open to commercial exhibitors offering equipment, software and services related to ITS. More information on the Virtual Trade Show and how to be an exhibitor can be found in the Exhibitors section.


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Online registration for Annual Meeting is OPEN
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    Nick Hegemier & Matt Letourneau (Co-chairs)
    740-272-8462 (Nick)
    312-373-7627 (Matt)

    Abstracts, Technical Program, Speakers

    Nick Hegemier & David Zavattero
    740-272-8462 (Nick)
    773-802-1541 (David)

    Sponsorship & Exhibitors

    Brian Plum, Dave Henkel (Sponsorship)

    Brian Plum, Sara Senger, Ken Glassman, & Dave Henkel (Exhibitors)

    Project of the Year

    Scott Lee, President
    Phone: (872) 315-6005

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