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2017 Annual Meeting   | Sep. 28-29, Columbus, OH

Theme: “Connecting Smart Cities”

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2017 ITS Project of the Year

It’s time again for nominations for candidate programs for the ITS Midwest Project of the Year.

We are requesting the following:

  • A project title
  • The name of the agency who produced the project
  • A very brief (one or two lines) description
  • A contact person who has knowledge of the project details. (May or may not be the nominator)

The Nominations Committee will then get in touch with the contact person and conduct a telephone interview so we can put a project description together. (We’ll do the heavy lifting!) This will make it easier for the nominator, and will produce consistent project description formats for the Newsletter and Awards Ceremony.

The Rules!

You may nominate a project provided:

  • You are an ITS Midwest member.
    It is okay for a member to nominate his or her own organization/project.
  • The project must have a significant ITS scope.
    For example, the project can include research, construction, deployment or integration work.
  • The project cannot be about a commercial product.
    New products can be used in the project, but the primary scope must be about the process, not the products. For example, a new detector may have been used, but the project was really about Smart Work Zones.
  • A number of related projects can be rolled up into one nomination.
    An agency may be changing their ITS infrastructure in a mass deployment. For example, a new scheme for integrating existing or new field devices may occur over multiple construction contracts. This could be considered to be one "project" for nominating purposes.
  • The Project took place in one of the four States of the ITS Midwest Chapter.
    The geographic limits of a nominated project must have been primarily within Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky or Ohio (or any combination of the four member states)..
  • The Project is completed or has produced significant results during the time between the last and current Annual Meetings.
    To be eligible for nomination for "Project of the Year 2017", the project should have reached completion or have produced significant results by September 1, 2017 with a majority of the work in 2016-2017.

Awards will be determined based upon project merit and significance and could result in multiple awards if a large number of quality nominations are received.

Nominations must be submitted to the ITS Midwest Recognition Committee no later than Friday, September 1, 2017. Nominations may be submitted to .

The winner will be presented with a plaque at the 2017 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting. A synopsis of all nominated projects will presented at the meeting and featured in an upcoming ITS Midwest Newsletter.


ITS Project of the Year questions

For information on the ITS Project of the Year Awards and on how to submit nominations, please contact Dan Shamo at (317) 532-5423 or .

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