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Intelligent Transportation Systems

WHAT IS ITS? ITS helps transportation work more effectively and efficiently by integrating users, vehicles, and transportation systems through state-of-the-art information and communications technologies. ITS dramatically improves travelers' safety, security, efficiency and comfort. ITS helps shippers and carriers move freight more reliably and efficiently. ITS helps the people who run transportation systems provide better service and respond faster and more effectively to incidents. ITS helps traffic flow more smoothly, reducing delays, fuel consumption, noise, and air pollution. ITS helps get the best value from the transportation infrastructure we already have.

WHO ARE WE? ITS Midwest is one of the oldest state chapters of ITS America. Our mission is to promote the development and deployment of intelligent transportation systems in our region and beyond. Our members have been in the ITS business for up to 40 years and are involved in all facets of planning, development, deployment and research.

WHY JOIN US? ITS Midwest is entering a new and exciting period with increased outreach activity and valuable networking opportunities. Membership is open to individuals and organizations with an interest in ITS deployment and development. State DOTs, transportation and planning organizations, private companies that provide ITS products and services, research organizations, academic institutions, and other private and public organizations with an interest in transportation benefit from membership. Join ITS Midwest today and play a role shaping the future of transportation!